26 April 2018

And it has come to an end

The great clean up has concluded.  I have removed the need for 2 cupboards and 1 shelf and have sorted all the current projects and bags and bags of fabric.  There are 7 boxes of blocks, quilt tops and fabric to donate to a local quilt group for charity quilts and 1 box of books.  I just have to make the phone call.

I’m moving back into the sewing room for now as there are a few logistics still for the room shuffle to take place.  I can’t wait to set up my machine and get more creative time without having to step/trip over multiple project bags.   No doubt when the big move does take place there will be more sorting/culling but for now I am content with the work I have done.

The row by row is bubbling along nicely, I am halfway through the Florist Shop Row.  That means 2 more appliqué rows, 1 Dresden row and the piecing to go.  The June deadline is looming but I have decided to take the row by row on my Girls Road Trip and plan that as my machine project and I am hoping to get the pieced rows finished in the trip which is only a couple of weeks away.  

The weather here is still unseasonably warm but we did have a bit of a break from the heat, who would have thought we would still need the aircon in April.

The kids had exams for their Drone licenses last week.   It was a bit of a trial for Mo she studied for hours, Maestro not so much in fact hardly at all she only scored slightly better than him which was a shame.  She said she just didn’t get it but this morning she recited some stuff about weather patterns and what they were doing and I said to her see you did take it all in.

I wrote all this over a week ago and it has just sat on my iPad until now.  Have finally worked out how to be able to post on blogger from iPad and insert pictures you have to use google chrome to get the full functionality out of blogger.  That’s was after downloading a couple of apps that said you could do it but then google wouldn’t let third party software take control so no dice.

Yesterday being Anzac Day I decided to spend a good part of it in my sewing room. Unfortunately my thinking hat wasn’t on and after deciding picking colours and cutting for the first pieced row I did the block above.  It wasn’t until I pieced all 10 blocks that I discovered that I had pieced them wrong and made the blocks too long.  I thought I was making 6” blocks when in fact I was making 8” blocks because 2 + 4 + 2 = 6 NOT but in my head it did.  So I have an 80” strip instead of 60”.

So a lot of unpicking later I got it back together then thought it was a bit long then got my other rows out and discovered it was in fact too long but there is a solution.  I also discovered that the tulip row was cut longer than the rest of the rows and I will have to move two of the tulip plants.  So 1 step forward 10 steps back.

Mo and I have a busy day today the dog is in for a haircut we are both having some remedial massage and we have to do food shopping which always takes longer when she tags along.

11 April 2018

The Big Clean Up Continues and Hard Life Lessons

A bit of sewing is happening but still lots and lots of clean up.  The sorting has finished at least but we aren’t ready to do the big swap yet so I’m moving what I am keeping back into the cupboards that will be used when I do move and keeping the other cupboards empty.

Pretty Circle Game
Pretty Circle Game

Applique Row Prep

I’ve just about managed to get all the spare tubs of fabric in cupboard storage now which is a big bonus.  I have about 6 boxes of stuff to donate which I want to get tidy before sending out to charity.  All the rubbish and recycling is just about taken care of I’m feeling good about it.

And to the Life Lesson.  Maestro is learning to drive he isn’t a risk taker and at the moment he isn’t driving in heavy traffic.  One of his mates got a motorcycle license, this particular mate also has had a couple of accidents while riding his push bike due to inattention.  After having this mate tailgate me up the road after school one day, I made the comment that he was an accident waiting to happen.  Said accident happened on Friday.  The mate had already lost his licence from speeding but apparently didn’t have to hand it in till this week.  On the way to work on his motorcycle the other night he lost control around the corner from his house and hit a stobbie pole (electricity pole).

Maestro is at the moment visiting him yesterday in hospital, 2 broken femur, 1 leg has a broken kneecap and 1 or both bones in his lower leg are snapped and a shattered elbow.  He spent all of Sunday in surgery.  Maestro still has trouble with his elbow, but it was his left arm so not his dominant arm and it was cracked.  The Mate’s right elbow is a jigsaw and the x-ray’s for the leg breaks are just plain scary.  Maestro said he’s on all the drugs at the moment which I think is probably a blessing and he said made for interesting conversations.

Maestro has made light of it but I think it has really rocked him.  I know his mate is up for months of rehab and hopefully full recovery something tells me he is in for a long uphill battle to get there.
The size difference always cracks me up. 

Sometimes you just have to sneak a photo.

28 March 2018

The Great Clean Up of 2018

There was a change of scenery last week.  I headed to Melbourne for work.   I was pretty tired when I got home the couple of days were pretty full on but I think we achieved a lot and it was good to network with people in similar positions as myself from around the country.

Over the past several months we have had many discussions about and with Maestro regarding his gaming.  Mainly his noisy gaming late into the night.  Maestro has a very deep loud voice which he can't seem to control with noise cancelling headphones on.  I guess these days gaming is a team sport and he interacts with his online friends, via skype and other technology.

Strangely enough most of the regular guys he games with are from Adelaide a couple are friends IRL but then there is a plumber and an engineer that he has never met, but probably interacts with every other day.  These interactions are noisy, with a lot of profanity and laughing so at least we know he is enjoying himself the only problem is we like to sleep, Mo especially needs to be able to sleep well in order to be a functioning human being.

We have decided to move Maestro out into my sewing room which is detached from the house.  But that means moving my sewing room into the house.  Its a mess 20 years in the making and it is a big big job.

The last 2 weekends Mo and I have been sorting stuff.  I have far to many projects past and present.  Luckily a local quilt group are happy to take my unwanted quilt tops and fabric to make charity quilts.  I will also be throwing in a few patterns and I've promised some magazines to people.

I need to reduce my storage by a couple of cupboards to fit into Mo's room, though she hasn't decided that she wants to move into Maestro's room. I've told her she doesn't have to make her decision straight away as I can move into his room and move to hers later if she wants all the hard work would have been done by then.

I spent a few good hours on the weekend sorting some of my stash that was stored in project bags, mainly on the floor of my sewing room and I've just finished sorting and culling my fabric cupboard the result is to the right.  I think the stash from the tubs will probably fit in the cupboard now.  Still have more stuff in the gym to sort and then I'll be working on my bookshelves.

I went to the Dr's on Monday as I my left index finger has been getting stiff lately, then last week I notice it hurt when I drove and put pressure on it.  Sunday night I found a hard lump in the joint.    I have to have Xrays and Ultrasound to confirm the nature of the lump (Dr suspects a ganglion) but it will probably need surgery so I have that to look forward to in the near future.  I don't think it is something I am going to be able to put off as it is pretty painful when I drive, luckily I am very right handed so it probably isn't going to slow me down too much.  Exhaustion from the Great Clean up has though for a change I am sleeping better than usual.

Easter sees me tackle this and my other book case behind the door.

15 March 2018

Long Weekend and Everyone was a bit sick

We are still without airconditioning, the warm weather last week made us bite the bullet and decide ...  well made my hubby decide I thought it was a no brainer.  The unit was 20 years old 1500 to maybe fix and 3000 for a new one.  It is getting installed on Saturday morning which is going to be another hot one.  Hopefully it will be all done by the day heats up to much.  I can guarantee that that will be the end of the hot weather for the year.

It was a long weekend and everyone of us were a bit under the weather.  The kids and my hubby had Friday off with some bug,  I had an earache but decided work was a safer option than staying home with the rest of them.

Saturday was pretty warm and the house had heated up during the week so Mo, DH and I escaped to the movies and saw Finding Your Feet.  To be honest we were the youngest ones there but it was a fun movie in the way only the Brits can do and we enjoyed ourselves.  Mo wasn’t impressed with the almost sex scene with 2 seventy year olds because that was just gross.  Apparently nobody over 30 should be contemplating sex.  My husband did point out that he turned 40 just after she was born, she just shuddered and walked away.

Row by Row update, the tulip row is going well but not as fast as I would have hoped.  It’s about halfway there.  There is no way 2 rows are happening this month.

I finished one of the Delilah blocks and plan to have it all cut out and in bags ready to stitch when I go for our 6 day sewing retreat in May.

I also made a block board with a couple of features to keep my needles/pins and scissors at hands reach.  There a magnet sewn into a section on the left to hold the tin or just hold needles and pins in place.   I may do a pattern at some point.  One of my friends has already put her hand up for one.  I will have to look into where I can get the interfacing I used, as it was from my bag making stash and I don’t have enough for another one.  T

The next 2 blocks of the pretty circle game arrived yesterday and I plan take them with me next week when I go to Melbourne for work for a couple of day.  Don’t know if I will get anything done but I will have it just in case.

05 March 2018

The Joys of Working by Hand

I’ve rediscovered the joy of hand stitching.  Needle turn has always been my first love but now I am enjoying hand piecing as well.  I have paper pieced before but I can’t keep it up for any length of time.  I can’t tell you how many packets of paper piecing papers I have.  Maybe I need to destash those.

Jen Kingwell’s Pretty Circle Game has really got me hooked.  I think it is the templates, no I know it is the templates and the fabrics are really pretty.

The templates make tracing the pieces and marking the seam allowance easy and give easy points of reference to join even the curviest of seams.  I have even started cutting blocks for Delilah, which I was going to machine piece but I now have the first 2 months (4 blocks cut out) ready to start stitching. I am using my Tula Pink stash for this quilt and mixing them with black and white prints.

The Row by Row is looking good.  I have the templates ready for the next two appliqué rows and I will start to work on them tonight.  Think it will be the tulip row as I think that will be super quick then on to the flower shop row.  I hope to get 2 rows done this month that might be a bit ambitious as I have a work trip in a couple of weeks and that will probably cut into my sewing time, but I work better on a deadline.  Pattern writing started on the weekend.

Our airconditioner died the other week so we are hoping that the weather stays cool for the rest of the summer/autumn while we organise quotes for replacement/fix but I don't think we will be that lucky.

21 February 2018

Row by Row Progress and more hand sewing

The first appliqué row is now finished and I have started on the next one which is called the Village.  This one is coming together quite quickly so I should have it finished by the end of the month with any luck.

I have also been working on the Pretty Circle Game BOM by Jen Kingwell and for once I am keeping up with the blocks.  Made a pact with the girls that we would keep up to date because we are all notoriously bad for collecting bom and kits and not doing them see my destash as an example.

I got back to Delilah which I collected as a Template of the Month and didn't get the fabric.  I was initially going to sew the blocks by machine but have decided that I would probably get more done if I did it by hand.  So I have cut the 2 blocks from Month 1 and will hopefully get them stitched in the next couple of weeks and go on from there.

So I can say I have been very good and keeping up so far this year so far.

I got myself a couple of Birthday presents.  I ruler quilting foot for my machine and the new rulers by Angela Waters.  I haven't had a chance to play yet but maybe this weekend it might happen.

We have booked a sewing retreat with the girls to celebrate my 50th and my friends 60th.  She is 60 in July so we are going in May (which is the only time I can get time off work).  Looking forward to a week of sewing, eating, drinking and winding down with good friends.  Who know if we have too much fun we might make it a yearly occurrence.  Sounds good to me.

14 February 2018


I'm having a destash.  These are all kits and are available in the Destash section of my Etsy Shop.  There is only postage for Australian sales but if you ask nicely I'll sort out overseas postage for you but with Australia Post its like How Long Is a Piece of String.  Flat Nat, and the Pat Sloan kits are pretty much all original fabric.  The Pat Sloan fabric I think would be out of print now as she no longer designs for PB Textiles so if you are after some Pat Sloan originals they may be worth a look.